June 11, 2024
Florence became a vibrant stage for Avant Toi during the latest edition of Pitti Uomo, where the brand unveiled its new spring-summer collection.
Avant Toi captivated the audience with its brightly colored and exquisitely textured garments, all marked by premium fabrics and contemporary cuts, evoking a sense of lightness and dynamism. The color palette, perfect for the lively tones of summer, ranged from deep blues and vivid pinks to emerald greens and sunny yellows.

But it wasn't just the clothing that impressed. Avant Toi infused the event with a touch of freshness by offering brightly colored granitas, perfectly in harmony with the collection. Capoeira performances added energy and movement to the fair, filling the Avant Toi stand with vitality and fun.

This extraordinary blend of color, style, and energy highlighted the joy and connection of the Avant Toi team.
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